East side Toronto condos

The condo developments of the east side is spread out over different parts of the eastern part Toronto.

When we are talking about the east side you have some very different areas. Some condos on the east side could be classified as downtown condos. One of the older and most well know east side condos is the lovely Spire condo which was built by Context.ca. The building is located near King and Church St. It is 45 stories high and because of its location it has some beautiful views of the city. The average price for units in this building has increased every year since it went on the market in 2008. The price per square foot is higher when compared to other units in the Toronto core. Some of the larger units in the building are approaching the $800K price point.

Another east side condo that was built the Context group was the Radio City condos that were built where the CBC used to have its Toronto studio on Jarvis St. Its located right beside the National Ballet School of Canada so it has some interesting neighbours. The units in this building have increased every year since it went to market in 2006. The smaller units can be purchased for around $300,000 currently but the bigger 2 bedrooms plus den are over $800K. Its location near Church St does make it more attractive to some buyers but some of the units again have beautiful views of the city. The building is only 28 stories high but some of the views have no other towers in sight.

The area more slightly east and close to the Lake has undergone a huge change which started with the development of the condos in the Distillery District. The old Gooderham and Worts distillery was transformed into a beautiful residential and business area in the early 2000. The area is still adding new units at this time and small sized studio units are still available for under $300,000.

This development helped launch some of the other new development in the area with the River City condo development built near the corner of River and King St East. The whole area below King St East has been eyed by developers for many years. Concerns about flooding from the Don River delayed projects along about concern with the quality of the soil since the area has a strong heavy industry use in the past. The area has several different name but the development of the athlete village for the 2015 Pan-Am games has helped create a whole new condo development in the West Donlands.

One area slightly farther east in Leslieville has also experienced a burst of new condo development. The old factories along Carlaw Ave have been turned into condos and several new units have created a new Leslieville condo alley along the street. One block over Carlaw there is another big development scheduled to replace the old Weston Bakery that was located on Eastern and Logon.

Another new development planned for the east side is located at the old Lever Brothers located on the east side of the Don River. Concerns about the Don River flood plan and traffic patterns from any redevelopment of the Gardiner Expressway have delayed any construction but the area will be a mix of office, retail and residential. The site is over 28 acres in size and the projected cost to develop the area is over $5 billion dollars.

Although building heights are limited because of zoning by-laws the development on condos on Danforth Ave has started to happening. The existing subway line along Danforth makes the area a great spot for new condo owners because they can ditch any car requirements. The development of the relief line subway in the future will help build more new condo construction in the area.